Did You Know

•••Kopi-Luau coffee (Indonesian) is the most costly in the world at $227/lb.

••• Appalachian Trail, at 2,180 miles, is the longest hiking only footpath in the world. american 1239080 960 720

•••There are 50 cans of Campbell’s soup sold every second.

••• On any given day, 13% of the U.S. population will eat pizza.

••• 400 milliseconds – the time it takes a 90MPH pitch to travel the 60.5 feet to home plate.

Bradford Business Items

••• Our 47th year of business- operating since April 1967.


••• If you have staffing needs,  please let us know.

••• Call Heather or April or Samantha for any yes, any staffing needs.


••• www.Bradford-Staffing.com  

is our website - check it out!  



•••Drug Screens &/or background 

checks (CHEAP) are now

performed for any company

that wants onlythat service.

We’ll come to your place or

have the person come to us.

••• May 5, 1961Alan Sheppard was the 1st American in space.
••• May 14, 1942Act of Congress allowed women to enlist for non combat duty in the military.
••• May20, 325 AD – Constantine I called the 1st council of the Catholic Church. With 300 Bishops, the Nicene Creed was formulated and
the date for Easter was set.
••• May 30, 1783Pennsylvania Evening Post became the 1st newspaper published in America.


This & That

••• $44 Billion – total value of unused gift cards Americans have accumulated since 2008.

••• There has been a 6 X increase in the average cost of a college degree in the past 30 years. Business Trivia

••• Netflix’s master hard drives have 3.14 petabytes of used space that contain every film and TV series it offers. This amounts to 182 years

        of continuous HD streaming.

••• United States now produces over 30% of the world’s cheese, 4.3 million tons per year (that’s 8.6 billion pounds). In the world Cheese awards, the U.S.

      came away with 78 awards, more than all other countries combined. 

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