Did You Know

••• The UN estimates each square mile of ocean contains 46,000 bits of floating plastic.

••• Waffle House serves 3,200,000 pounds of grits a year.

•••Augusta Health in Fishersville budgets $40,000,000 for service to individuals that cannot pay their bills.

••• World’s largest pumpkin was 1,502 pounds, verified in RI in 2006.

•••A 1 day record for Presidents - Teddy Roosevelt shook hands with 8,000 people at a 1906/1907 New Year’s reception in NYC.

Bradford Business Items

••• Our 46th year of business 1967 – 2013.


••• If you have staffing needs,  please let us know.


••• Call Heather or April or Hayley for any - yes any staffing needs.


••• www.Bradford-Staffing.com is our website - check it out!  Like Us On FACEBOOK!


••• Drug Screens and/or backgroundchecks are now performed for any company that wants onlythat service.

We’ll come to your place or have the person come to us.


••• Nov. 6, 1860 - Abraham Lincoln became the first Republican President with 40% of the popular vote (180 of 303 electoral votes).

••• Nov. 19, 1978 – The biggest mass suicide in history as Reverend Jim Jones led over 900 of his followers to drink a cyanide induced fruit drink.

A few cult members did survive.

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This & That

••• Thanks to casino security cameras, Las Vegas has a 53% heart-attack survival rate. In Chicago the survival rate is 2%.

••• The rate of twins in all births has risen 70% since 1980, due to the success of multiple vitro fertilized eggs.

••• Brazilian law allows candidates to use any name they like. 8 different people ran for office as “Barack Obama” in local Brazilian elections in October.


Business Trivia

•••Virginia data from college entrancein ’09 vs ’15 vs ’20 (projected ) shows white students dropping from 63% to 60% to 56%, and black students from

24% to 22% to 21%. Hispanic in the same period are increasing 6% to 10% to13%, and Asian students are rising from 6% to 8% to 10%. Money, quotas,

and scholarships are the 3 major reasons for the changes.


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